Deprecated Glue API Calls Will Be Removed

Back in February, I pointed out four deprecated Glue REST API calls in the following blog post: Namely, the following are deprecated calls: model/v1/info model/v1/markups model/v1/view_tree model/v1/view_info I hope you have migrated to /v2/ by now. If not, please make sure you migrate them as soon as possible. Deprecated... Read more →

Glue API Web and JS - Follow up

BIM 360 Glue and REST APIs are becoming very popular among our partners and customers who wants to interact with the project data in BIM 360 cloud. The Glue Viewer allows users to pass some of the parameters to an embeddable viewer to visualize live BIM data through 3rd party applications and browsers. A lesser known fact is BIM 360 Glue's Javascript APIs, that allows users to interact with the Model View for rich bi-directional workflows. Read more →