New York Construction Contractors and Owners Forum

Autodesk recently sponsored an exciting event - New York Construction Contractors and Owners Forum. The forum was a unique opportunity focusing on discussing the current state of the building handover process and discovering pathways to improvement through innovative new approaches. Keynote speaker - Bill Bausmith, Associated Director of Construction Management... Read more →

Updates to BIM 360 Field API - /api/projects and /fieldapi/issues/v1

In the recent BIM 360 Field release, there are a few enhancements to the API: 1. Now you can retrieve Business Unit attribute using /api/projects Business Unit is an attribute for detailed project information, which is helpful for company who manage many BIM 360 Field projects to group the projects... Read more →

Project Alexandria is coming and Construction Document Management is about to change forever!

There is a buzz in the construction industry about a new document management solution called Project Alexandria. So what is it and how does it change the construction workflows? Project Alexandria is a purpose-built document management system for construction. Stay tuned to the site where we'll be revealing more about it in the coming weeks. Read more →

BIM for Owners – Using BIM 360 Field Equipment

How to extend BIM’s values from design and construction phase to facility operation and maintenance (O&M) phase? This is a question that many facility owners with pioneering spirits have been asking. All the valuable information captured in the design and construction process does not have to die after the handover – it can connect with existing Facilities Management (FM) applications and serve as digitized data repository to be used for O&M purposes. Read more →

Field Data Extraction 101: Working with Filters

In my last blog post I talked about Driving an RFI workflow through BIM 360 Field. This generated some discussion around data extraction and one of the readers asked about how to make it more efficient when there are large number of data points. This gave the idea of starting a series of posts focusing on Field Data Extraction. So in this blog post, I decided to write about the Filters in BIM 360 Field - A very powerful and simple feature to help manage your data, sort, filter and extract. Read more →

Driving a Request for Information (RFI) workflow through BIM 360 Field

In this blog post, we look at how to leverage Autodesk BIM 360 Field's best-in-class data collection mechanisms to identify and record issues early in the process as well as make them a part of the official RFI process by feeding them seamlessly to a Project Management system. Lot of Field users have asked the question of how to take a Field 'issue' item and create an RFI from the same. Let us take a look... Read more →

Enriching 3D model data with construction & commissioning level detail

How to maintain a single source of project information and continue to add more info or semantic layers during downstream stages of the project? BIM 360 platform provides a means for connecting the various sources of data and feeding to the right user in a project, similar to the circulatory system serving the human body. Some call it data integration, some say semantics, We call it the "I in BIM". Read more →