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New York Construction Contractors and Owners Forum

Autodesk recently sponsored an exciting event - New York Construction Contractors and Owners Forum. The forum was a unique opportunity focusing on discussing the current state of the building handover process and discovering pathways to improvement through innovative new approaches.


Keynote speaker - Bill Bausmith, Associated Director of Construction Management with Princeton University, shared their strategies to set up a process that is easy for designers, contractors and subcontractor to collect and deliver building data. Bill stressed on the importance of developing owner-driven BIM standards to streamline the handover process. An owner needs to understand what data is required by facility operation team and what the impact will be on contractors and subcontractors before putting requirements in BIM standards. Simply asking for a Revit model or COBie file as deliverables without understanding how to use them is most likely going to be a waste of resources. Bill also presented a unique technology platform integrating SharePoint, BIM 360 Field and BIM 360 Glue, what is used within Princeton’s Office of Design and Construction to underpin the design review, construction, commissioning and handover process. The presentation is well received among the contractor audiences, who are eager to know what is a satisfying building handover experience from an owner’s perspective and how to achieve that. There were also thought-provoking Q&A discussions around the topics of contractual relationships, cost factor for design/construction services, staff trainings, and model LoD for BIM projects.


­­­­The presentation was then followed by group discussions, which was a great time for the contractor and owner representatives to connect with their peers and share experiences. Brook Potter and Stacy Scopano with Autodesk made the last presentation. They shared an overview of Autodesk’s Turnover to O&M Strategy – a new solution Building Ops. Building Ops is a mobile-first maintenance and asset management solution that helps improve the handover experience, placing operations data collected during design and construction in the hands of the team maintaining the building on day one. Check out more about Building Ops here.

Sheryl Yang