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The Future of Making Things.. Through JE Dunn's LENS!

Autodesk University 2015  innovations main stage witnessed some incredible stories about innovation from across the globe. One of the obvious highlights is JE DUNN Construction's innovative cloud-hosted visualization and pricing interface that is helping them shave significant time and cost from the projects. And revealing its potential to unsettle the siloed, incremental way in which buildings are designed and built. John Jacobs, Chief Information Officer, presented how JE Dunn has transformed the preconstruction process leveraging their LENS pricing software, Dunn Dashboard and Autodesk BIM 360 for a seamless, transparent and connected ecosystem.


Construction progressing on a JE DUNN project. Project: New Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado. Courtesy Dennis Schroeder and NREL. Source:

"Essentially, we’ve created a means to seamlessly and efficiently work with our design partner from napkin sketch through GMP (guaranteed maximum price) potentially cutting weeks or months off of the preconstruction process,”. “Possibly more exciting is the fact that this process includes full visualization throughout, linking every element of each estimate with its corresponding digital model component.” - John Jacobs, in a recent article on

Watch Autodesk University 2015 Innovation Forum - John Jacobs, Senior Vice President JE DUNN Construction



JE Dunn partnered with Autodesk to harness and maximize the value of information-rich models, combined with cutting-edge visualization technology to connect design data to elements of estimates. Visit the Autodesk Forge Platform to learn more about how you can innovate leveraging Autodesk cloud platform and the Future of Making Things.

- Manu Venugopal