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AU Class Online - The Present and Future of Making BIM Useful for Owners

AU 2015

Autodesk Univeristy 2015 is my first time attending AU, AND as a speaker! I hosted a class on the topic of BIM for Owners, with a strong group of panel speakers - Gary Lane, Clive Jordan, Darren Dambly, and Jason Winstanley, who joined the class and shared their industry insights. 

Key Learning Objectives of this class:

  • Discover the benefits and potentials of using BIM from an owner’s perspective
  • Explore the workflows for seamless information exchanges from design and construction to operations and management
  • Discover new technologies and processes to enhance information accessibility for OM staff
  • Discover opportunities for integrating BIM applications with operations and management applications

The class in now available online: The Present and Future of Making BIM Useful for Owners

It is free! Just log in using your Autodesk ID, or register for an ID in two minutes, and start exploring the tons of great training classes, demos, and industry talks online.

- Sheryl