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Register Getting Started with BIM in Operations webinars

Great opportunities are out there integrating BIM in building operations. Autodesk is going to host a series of webinars to help you "Getting Started with BIM in Operations". According to Chuck Mies (Autodesk Business Development Senior Manager), the webinars are to answer three key questions:

Who will use the data?

What data is needed and how will you collect it?

How will the data be maintained?

Owner model


Registration links:

Part I (Jan. 21, 2016) Part I will focus on who uses the data and their needs. 

Part II (Feb. 21, 2016) Part II will hone in on the key data and how to structure an effective BIM Execution Plan. 

Part III (Mar. 10, 2016) Part III will discuss the Confirmed Design Intent or As-Maintained Model. 


Hope we will see you at the webinars!