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Happy New Year!

Autodesk 'BIM for Owners' Event

Autodesk recently hosted an event on 'BIM for Owners' in NYC at September, 17th. The objective of the one-day workshop was to provide an opportunity for project management professionals within owner’s organizations to discuss and exchange what they understand about BIM, what are the benefits of using BIM for owners, what is the technology foundation, and what process changes are necessary to adopt BIM successfully. The informative and interactive workshop was highly successful with attendance of about 25 owner representatives. It is important for Autodesk to organize such event to build the connection with industry professionals, increase awareness of new technologies and the implications on process changes.1


The topics that were presented and discussed include:

Topic 1: Owner Perspective on the BIM Challenge

Presenter: Barbara White Bryson, The University of Arizona

Challenges faced by the owners who embrace BIM and the changes necessary to accommodate a BIM-enabled project.

Topic 2:  The Future of Making Buildings

Presenter: Phil Bernstein, Autodesk

Topic 3: Technical Foundations of BIM

Presenter: Anthony Hauck, Autodesk

Introducing the technical concepts and “vernacular” of BIM.

Topic 4: BIM and Project Management – External Consultants

Presenter: Meghan Ruffo, Carolinas Healthcare

Overcome challenges managing external consultants and project teams.

Topic 5: BIM and Project Management – Internal Stakeholders

Presenter: Joe Porostosky, The Ohio State University

Overcome challenges managing internal project teams.

Topic 6: Project Management Documentation

Presenter: Joe Porostosky, The Ohio State University

Success story from Ohio State on creating BIM deliverable guidelines for both external and internal teams.

Topic 7: The Human Side of BIM

Presenter: Brian Skripac, Astorino/Cannon

Cultural changes implicated by adopting BIM.


*1. Special thanks to Brook Potter and Erin Rae Hoffer who provided the resources to create content of this blog. 

 - Sheryl