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Retrieving Issues for Equipment

Updates to BIM 360 Field API - /api/projects and /fieldapi/issues/v1

In the recent BIM 360 Field release, there are a few enhancements to the API: 

1. Now you can retrieve Business Unit attribute using /api/projects

Business Unit is an attribute for detailed project information, which is helpful for company who manage many BIM 360 Field projects to group the projects and run reports. Old version of /api/projects API call does not include this attribute and it has been added in the new release.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 1.54.28 PM

2. Use /fieldapi/issues/v1 to retrieve equipment related issues.

In an attempt to retrieve all issues associated with equipment records, I have tested api/get_issues with source_type = “Equipment”, and api/get_object_issues with object_type = “Equipment”, but they both only returned issues directly created from equipment records, not issues created from checklists attached with equipment.

In the new release, source_id and source_type parameters were added to /fieldapi/issues/v1 request. The following call will return all issues for a specified equipment record:{{ticket}}&project_id={{project_id}}&source_id={{source_id}}&source_type=Equipment

 The response is a list of issues associated with the equipment and format is the same as that of /fieldapi/issues/v1/list. 

- Sheryl