Updates to BIM 360 Field API - /api/projects and /fieldapi/issues/v1
Adding High Level Category to the Issue Type

Retrieving Issues for Equipment

There is a small API enhancement that was made available in the latest update of BIM 360 Field. It allows you to retrieve a list of issues related to a given equipment. 

POST /fieldapi/issues/v1/search request has two additional parameters, source_id and source_type:

  • source_id – an id of source object, i.e., task or equipment, whose issues you would like to retrieve.
  • source_type – a type of source/parent objects, i.e., “Task” or “Equipment”.

Using these parameters, the following request will return all issues under equipment including all issues coming from checklists attached to the equipment with one call:


(Note: line breaks are added for readability.) 

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