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Introducing The BIM 360 Field Daily Update API

- Manu Venugopal

At BIM 360 our mission is to accelerate project delivery and reduce risk for our customers by enabling office to easily coordinate and connect while empowering the field to anticipate and act. A simple and powerful example is the Daily Updates feature that allows users to manager their jobsite performance details from the field itself.

Today we are introducing the Daily Updates API.  

Field-daily-updates-ipad Field-daily-updates-overview

We introduced Daily Updates in BIM 360 Field web last November and in April brought the same to iPad also. Head over to my colleague Paul's Daily Updates blog post for an in-depth overview of Daily Updates functionality or watch this youtube video.

Now that we have the capability in place, we are opening it up for our partners and customers to integrate with the Daily Updates data via the API. An example, for potential integration could be with your sub contractor payment system that needs verified jobsite performance information to make the right payment. With Daily Updates API, partner applications can make this information seamlessly to your financial system as soon as it is verified by your superintendent in Field. Talk about breaking down silos!

Daily Updates API

With the daily update API all of your jobsite performance information can be synced between BIM 360 and a 3rd party partner application.

There are four major major operations that are available with this release of Daily Update API (api/v1/daily_updates).

1. Return a list of daily updates

Format: GET /api/v1/projects/:project_id/daily_updates This call returns a list of daily updates in the form of json array for a given project_id. 

2. Retrieve a single daily update

Format: GET /api/v1/projects/:project_id/daily_updates/:id This call retrieves all the details/attributes associated with a single daily update record for a given project id based on the daily_update id specified.

3. Create a new daily update

Format: POST /api/v1/projects/:project_id/daily_updates This call provides users the ability to create a new daily_update entry using the API. All the details for the daily update needs to be provided as input in the form of a jason hash. Need to careful with formatting of the daily_update json hash while using this particular call.

4. Update an existing daily update

Format: PUT /api/v1/projects/:project_id/daily_updates/:id This will be an interesting call to update an existing daily update record based on additional information or data coming from an external system. For example, setting status to "Open", changing the update date, and updates summary section notes, etc. Opens up bi-directional workflows.

5. Delete a daily update

Format: DELETE /api/v1/projects/:project_id/daily_updates/:id As the name suggests, you can delete a daily_update entry by providing the id of that record.

This is the first version of the Daily Updates API and the documentation is available at Interact with other BIM 360 API users through our API Forum. Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.