Field API: Get the Number of Issues
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Field API: Search Issues by Date Updated

Here is another question I got from my colleagues a few times. Again, this is about issues/search. This time how to filter by the date of update.  

Q.  We want to search for all the new or updated issues since a specific date. For example, we want to get all the new or updated issues since the last Friday (07/24/2015). Is there an API call that will allow us to make such request? 

A.  You can use

    POST /fieldapi/issues/v1/search

with conditions set as, e.g.,   

    conditions = ["f--updated_at,geq,\"2015-07-24\""]

In C#, this will be with escape characters:

    string conditions =

A little caveat is that, if you look at the issue record you obtained, it shows a list of ten (10) items under fields. However, you won’t see “f—updated_at” listed among them. Rather, it is listed as separate created_at parameter. (See the image below). This is where I originally assumed that we cannot use the search condition. However, search condition above still works.

For more discussion about the format of search conditions parameter, please refer to this post: "Field API: Filter Issues by Issue Type".