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Creating Users with Glue API

Automating user creation for a given project seems to be one common task using Glue API.

Q. We want to create users for a certain Glue project programmatically. I looked at User Service APIs. But I cannot find a web service call to do this. Is it possible to create users using API?  

A. Yes, it is possible. The following two calls are needed to invite a new user to a project:   

  1. Invite a new user to company/host

This takes an e-mail address as a parameter (along with common signing parameters), and sends an invitation email for the user. Save the user_id from the response. You will need it in the next step.

Note: After receiving an invitation e-mail, the user will need to create Autodesk ID and/or login using the existing Autodesk ID. Until the user accepts the invitation, the account is treated as non-active. 

  1. Add the user to the project roster

This takes a project_id and user_id as parameters. This should work regardless of whether the user has accepted the invitation or not.

To obtain a project_id, you can use /project/v1/list and choose one from the list of projects:


In addition to above, if you want to add an existing user to a new project, you can check the company roster and obtain the user_id: 

This allows you to check if the user has been added to the project roster. 

If you need to resend the invitation, you can use this:

The parameter proxy_user_id is the same as user_id in user/v1/company_roster response.