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Autodesk Cloud Services Health Dashboard

Health always comes first. Without it, we cannot do much. We feel helpless.

Autodesk has just launched “Health Dashboard” for Autodesk Cloud Services. You can check the status of Autodesk Cloud Services as well as upcoming maintenance schedule right on the single web page:

Below is an image of the Health Dashboard. Currently eight cloud services are listed on the page, including BIM 360 Glue and Field.

Health Dashboard

At the time of this writing, the status of all cloud services show in green, indicating that they are all up and running as expected (y).  

In case there is any issue, it would show something like:

Health Dashboard yellow

If there is any maintenance work scheduled for a service, it will shows as well.  (PDT = Pacific Daylight Time). e.g.,

Health Dashboard maintenance

"Health Subscription" button allows you to subscribe e-mail notification for any changes in the status for products you are interested in. e.g., 

Health Dashboard subscribe

“Report an issue >” let you contact Autodesk for any issues with running Cloud Services.