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Creating a Merged Model Using Glue API

Glue API Web and JS - Follow up

BIM 360 Glue and REST APIs are becoming very popular among our partners and customers who wants to interact with the project data in BIM 360 cloud. The Glue Viewer allows users to pass some of the parameters to an embeddable viewer to visualize live BIM data through 3rd party applications and browsers. A lesser known fact is BIM 360 Glue's Javascript APIs, that allows users to interact with the Model View for rich bi-directional workflows. We introduced this in an earlier blog post as part of the Glue API Labs - "Lab4: Glue API Web Intro JS". Please read this post for an overview and samples. 

Zoom and navigate to objects
Navigate and Zoom to objects directly from external applications using API Navigate and Zoom to objects directly from external applications using Web API and Javascript

What's does Glue API Web and JS provide?

  1. Allows users to place 3D models from Glue platform on a web page or embedded browser
  2. Cross-browser plugin available for windows platform
  3. Blend of Navisworks R&D and Glue functionalities
  4. Autodesk consistent navigation controls, view cube,  and graphics system
  5. Javascript layer supports interaction with the viewer
  6. Access to object level data and properties 

In the coming weeks we will take a look the Web API and Javascript in more detail. As a prep, below is a set of reference material.

1. If you are a beginner with Javascript and wants to sharpen your skills, the Javascript tutorial from code academy can be good place to start. Codeacademy JavaScript Track:

2. Another good resource would be the Eloquent JavaScript Book that is available from here:

3. For sample code to test visit the JavaScript Koans repository on Github javascript-koans-github

Get ready for some exciting Web Development!