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3D Web Viewing Technologies from Recent Meetups

Back in February, I wrote about the overview of View and Data API, followed by a series of “Intro Labs” as a way to learn how to get started with the API. Jim Quanci, the senior director of Autodesk Developer Network, was recently showing off a few interesting Web sites that use those View and Data API as well as other 3D web viewing technologies. I myself found them very interesting. I thought I would share with the audience of this blog, too. 

Commercial Sites Using 3D Web Based on Autodesk Technology

  • http://bldng360.com     
    This site was developed by a 3rd party developer. It has many building models, including some very large ones (which may take some time to load).  Some of the buildings have both 3D models and 2D drawings. Please check them out. 
  • http://www.autodesk.com/viewers    
    This is a new Autodesk site.  You can drag and drop your favorite 3D model on the web page and view it. It supports over 60 3D formats. Allows for easy “collaboration”, i.e., several people can view the same model at the same time. This is a fun site to try out for yourself and with your friends. 
  • http://developer-autodesk.github.io     
    This is Autodesk site for developers who is getting started with adding 3D viewing capabilities to their web sites. You can see both 3D and VR (Google cardboard) models on the page. We pointed this site earlier. But it got a makeover.

Image from BLDNG360 by CAD & COMPANY. BLDNG 360 allows you to share your design and virtual buildings. 

“Dev Sites” Using Autodesk Technology

These are the sites that are used for testing and demo'ing. So be warned that it can change from day to day – but also a sneak look at “whats coming” site if you are interested in the latest development. 


The 3rd experimental site emphasizes the data aspect of the building models. It shows a mixture of 3D, 2D and properties embedded in the original models. 


Commercial Sites Using Non-Autodesk 3D Technologies 

These uses non-Autodesk 3D viewing technology (although many of the models are created with Autodesk desktop applications).  

  • http://www.sketchfab.com     
    Along with serving up “low poly” 3D models, the header of the home page has some great models you can manipulate.
  • http://www.cl3ver.com  
    Check out the “gallery” where you can see some great 3D experiences that are embed in a number of manufacturer web sites.  
  • http://customiser.pennyskateboards.com.au/  
    Skateboard customization which works just as good on your mobile as on your desktop.


These examples certainly tell us that 3D on web technology is already here, and stir our imagination.