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Two great resources to assist your New Year BIM resolution!

If you are planning a BIM pilot project or looking to review your current workflows, and practices, here are two great resources for you. Happy reading!

1. BIM Deployment Workbook


Get the Autodesk® BIM Pilot Deployment Workbook. It’s a step-by-step guide to launching a BIM pilot for construction professionals.  Arrow-1_06

2. Foundations Magazine


The Foundations Magazine is good read if you want to learn about BIM success stories as well as recent happenings and news from the BIM world. It also provides an easy to use cheat sheet in the form of "10 steps to BIM"  Arrow-1_06

According to the 2014 Smart Market Report, "The Business Value of BIM for Construction in Global Markets", 83% of companies take BIM capabilities into consideration while selecting construction project teams. Smart-market-report- bim 

So keep your New Year BIM resolutions and hope you all have great success with BIM adoption and more wins this year!

 - Manu