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Glue API Versioning and Deprecated Calls

When making a Glue Web services API call, you need to include a version information in the endpoint or URL. e.g.,


The API has this versioning to 1) allow changes in the API for further enhancement, as well as 2) maintain backward compatibility. Unlike desktop applications where we can add compiler warning to signal any changes to the developers, with Web services REST API calls, it is not obvious when a newer version is introduced just by building an application. 

So far, Glue Web Services API has not been changed much. We probably did not need to worry about versions, either. However, I want to point out that there exist deprecated Glue API calls in the current API, and get a little attention about versioning for possible future changes.

There are the total of four Glue API calls that are deprecated currently. (Luckily not many.) They are:

These are replaced by:

  • model/v2/info (get information about a given model, including Navisworks compatible view/markup information) 
  • model/v2/markups (get all markups, with Navisworks viewer support, for a model regardless of which view it belongs to) 
  • model/v2/view_info (get information about a particular view in Navisworks compatible format) 
  • model/v2/view_tree (get a full view tree in Navisworks compatible format for a model including each sub-model for a merged model)

These are the result of changes made to the underlying technology to use Navisworks viewer as you can tell from the change in the description. The impact of these changes to your application should be minor. You should be getting more information instead of losing any. (If that is not the case, you will need to notify us.) Although we say "deprecated", we will keep existing functionality operating for a time being. No immediate plan to discontinue. That said, it's always a good practice to keep things up to date in the world of software development. Please refer to the documentation from the links listed above for more detail about each REST call.    

As I write this, I'm also thinking that we need to document and communicate better when there are changes. Something we need to keep in mind for future. 


Updated on 6/4/2015: The deprecated calls mentioned above will be removed sometime in July 2015.