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Revit UniqueId in Glue and Navisworks

Glue API Samples Updated

Last week, I mentioned about Glue API versioning and pointed out a small number of deprecated calls. As I see two of our older samples are still using those deprecated calls, I updated them to use the newer ones: 

I have also updated the links on the page where I posted Glue API class materials from AU 2014

I have not seen any major issues within this migration. Parameters to the request calls stay the same. Most of the response values are the same, except that response for /model/v2/info has node named "clash_tests" instead of "clash_reports". I see more values returned in the new calls. 

I have also set ScriptErrorsSuppressed property to true for the WebBrowser control in Test Harness sample. As I mentioned in the Lab2 exercise, there are additional restrictions around browser controls. It prevents more advanced functionality in the embedded viewer from working. For the purpose of Test Harness, where we only want to see the model and no need for interactions, this should be still sufficient and serves our purpose for testing and learning. This should not be a problem with web application.  

Finally, I'm closing today's post with the picture of impressive icicles all over the houses around New England region. The temperature has been below freezing point even during the day lately and expected to go below zero Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius) later this week. Stay warm!