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Getting Started with BIM 360 Glue API

I have posted existing materials about Glue API to this blog for the last several weeks. Trying to point to those while replying to inquiries, I realize that it is getting a little difficult to tell where to start. So here it is, I’m putting them together here as an instruction on how to get started with the Glue API. 

1. What you need

  • Glue “sandbox” account
  •  API key and secret

Please contact ADN for these. You can find more information about accessing Glue API here. Upon request, we will send you an invitation from Glue sandbox and keys.

2. Where to start

You can find the latest samples here.

It includes the PowerPoint presentation from the AU. You may want to go through it to get a big picture.   

Glue API Intro Labs -- is a minimum sample. It will give you a step by step introduction. If you are new to REST API, this will be a good starting point: 

BIM 360 Glue SDK Test Harness -- is a good one to start with. It’s a desktop client app written in C#. It is for testing and learning purpose. You can explore and get an idea about Glue web services API.

Glue SDK Sample Web App -- is a little more realistically structured sample of web application.

BIM 360 Glue SDK Sample Web App -- is an older version of web application without selection and property access. We are keeping it as a reference as it has additional functionality.  

3. For more information

I hope this helps for people who are new to the Glue API. I intend to update this page as new information becomes available.