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AEC Hackathon 2.0 New York and Girls

There was AEC Hackathon in New York over the last weekend (Jan 30 ~ Feb 1). For those who haven’t heard about AEC Hackathon, it’s an informal event that helps create an opportunity for technology enthusiasts to get together, share ideas and build something new together. AEC Hackathon specifically targets the goals of improving built environments.

I was planning to drive down to NY to join if the weather permits. But due to the snow storm, I decided not to. But Jaime Rosales from our team joined. During the team meeting, Jaime enthusiastically talked about it and shared photos from the events: 3D scanning, Google’s Project Tango, robot, FieldLens, etc. It surely sounds like it was another successful event.  

In case you are interested in finding out what happened over the weekend, here are a couple of links and photos that Jaime shared with us:

AEC Hackathon NY 2015 2

"AEC Hackathon Girls"? 

In this event, one thing I found it interesting and a bit different from previous ones was about coinciding with an event called “AEC Hackthon Girls” and having CTO from the city of New York as a guest judge. Occasionally I hear how much NY city is putting effort to the technology (e.g., Pylons in New York City). Engineering educating for girls seem also getting a lots of nationwide attention.

AEC Hackathon Girls2 

AEC Hackathon Girls with NYC CTO

Above: Minerva Tantoco, NYC CTO (middle) with hacker girls 

To promote girls in engineering, they organized “AEC Hackathon Girls” event for 9-11 old girls. They combined the “adult” version of Hackthon during the final presentation and presented to NYC CTO, Minerva Tontoco. If you watch the recording of the presentation carefully, around 46 minutes, girls start their presentation. (Unfortunately the quality of the recording is not so good. So you will need to be a bit patient to listen). It's quite impressive when a little girl talks about daylight sensor :-) (And they are so adorable!) Sounds like I missed a chance to meet future female engineers. Go girls!

AEC Hackathon Girls3

AEC Tech Hackathon New York 2014 Retrospect 

Retrospectively, from my personal experience, I joined the similar event in New York last year in May. (Organized by Thornton Tomasetti. Please see the comment by Damon below.) It was more from curiosity and for learning what it is about at that time. But I really enjoyed and I was very happy to find out such a community exists. The most memorable part was people I met; everybody was super talented, from the field of energy analysis, 3D web technology, 3D printing, name a few. I highly recommend this type of event if you are interested in learning cutting edge technologies in the field, especially in the context of AEC and having fun!    

Here are recordings from the last year's NY AEC Tech Hackthon in case you are interested in: 

I’m hoping to go to the next one in Chicago in March. Hackathons seem becoming like community’s socializing events. If you are interested in, you can find the information about the next one here. Hope to see you there.