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CITA Smart Collaboration Challenge

Back in November Manu joined “CITA Smart Collaboration Challenge” in Dublin, Ireland. It was a Hackathon-ish event combining one day symposium, organized by the Construction IT Alliance (CITA). The last weekend, Ralph Montague of ArcDox send us a link to the magazine article about it. We thought we would share with you here:

CITA - BIM Chanllenge Event. Irish building: The Business Magazine for Building Professionals, 43-47, 2015.  

Last October, Colin Doyle from ArcDox contacted us, asking for API keys for Glue API. From there, we started conversation, and we found out that they were planning to join the Smart Collaboration Challenge in a month or so, and wanted to use Glue and Field APIs for that. Further reading about this event, I saw Professor Chuck Eastman’s name as a keynote speaker. (In case you don’t know Professor Eastman, he is very well known figure in BIM in academia.) Knowing that he was Manu’s advisor during his Ph.D. study, I pulled in Manu. After exchanging a few correspondences and joining their planning meetings, they invited us to be their team member. Manu decided to participate in person after finding out two of his advisors would be there.  (Unfortunately, I could not join as I was traveling during the week of the actual event.)  

The team is called “Living BIM”. They challenged to build a live web-based bi-directional link between BIM models and property/facilities management systems. The team quite impressively used many tools, including (but not limited to) BIM 360 Glue, Field, and Data & View API. They won the second place! Congratulations to the team (and good job Manu representing Autodesk (y) ). And thanks to Ralph for sharing the article with us. If you are interested in, you can find out more about the event from the link here.   

Smart Challenge Manu Manu (right) reconnected with his former Ph.D. committees, Professor Chuck Eastman (left) and Rafael Sacks (middle), at the Smart Collaboration Challenge event. 

This made me to prompt to say; if you have any exciting news about BIM around where you are and you would like to share with the community, feel free to let us know. I’m sure many people out there would like to hear from you and learn from what others are doing.  

(Update: 2/17/2015)  You can find the list of recordings from the event here.