Meeting BIM 360 Glue YouTube Celebrity at AU
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Glue API Class Materials from AU 2014

We had a chance to present a class about BIM 360 Glue API once again at this year's Autodesk University (AU) in Las Vegas: "SD6867 Introduction to the BIM 360 Glue API." This year, we focused more on the programming side with API updates. I would like to share the materials from the event here as I believe they will help you get started with the Glue API if you are new to the Glue API: 

I'm also posting two samples which have been around sometime, yet are still useful for learning purposes: 

I intend to write a little more about Glue API Intro Labs in subsequent posts (fingers crossed :-) 


Note: Updated the last two samples, BIM360GlueSDKTestHarness and BIM360GlueSDKSampleWebApp (2/10/2015).