BIM 360 SDK: Part 1- BIM 360 Field API

DevDays 2013 and BIM 360

Autodesk Developer Network holds its annual developer conference - DevDays around Autodesk University time, worldwide across 17 cities. The focus of DevDays 2013 conference - rEvolution – Where Desktop meets the Cloud, is around the several new web services APIs from Autodesk and especially from the 360 Cloud Platform.


If you are a developer utilizing Autodesk Technology as a platform, the DevDays is a great opportunity to learn about "whats new" at the Autodesk stable and also network with your peers. If you need more convincing, listen to this message - Why Should You Attend? (1 min video) from Jim Quanci, Director of Autodesk Developer Network.

This year I had the opportunity to attend DevDays 2013 at Autodesk University in Las Vegas and present the BIM 360 platform. Being a first time attendee at the Developer Days conference, I was simply awed by the number of attendees as well as the concentration of Autodesk technology experts colocated in one place. The Revit updates and API presentations by Scott Conover and Anthony Hauck really set the stage and were a tough act to follow. I hope my audience enjoyed the BIM 360 presentations. ADN members can already access the DevDays presentations through the ADN webpage here. This year's presentations built from last year, where we introduced BIM 360 Glue & its APIs to the ADN members and kick started a pilot program by providing access to the SDK. (Visit: www.autodesk.com/developglue if you are interested).

The Glue platform has undergone a major upgrade through the last one year, which included an overhaul of the UI/UX that has led to a modern, intuitive, and easy to learn and easy to use UI. The changes were not just cosmetic, but also more closely aligned with the core Autodesk technologies for a faster access to larger, more complex project models. This major release is being followed with regular feature enhancements and updates every 3-4 weeks. You can learn about it all from Glue's documentations

Today, BIM360 has grown into a suite of cloud-based services (with more than 15,000 unique active users and 5000 projects at the time of writing), we hope to give you the bigger picture from a platform level where we are today as well as where we see it going long term. We also introduced BIM 360 Field to the ADN members this year. Continue reading to find more about what these two cloud services brings to the users.

It is a rEvolution...   Revolution

At its core, BIM 360 cloud platform helps users and project teams better collect, connect, visualize, and manage project data. We have two current cloud services Glue and Field, and a few more in the making :) Whereas Glue brings model based coordination and collaboration to the cloud, Field helps automate and facilitate tracking of safety, quality, and commissioning processes. 

Below are some major benefits that Glue and Field brings to the users:

BIM 360 Glue

  • Transforms BIM collaboration
  • Improves efficiency across the entire project team
  • Almost anytime, anywhere access to the latest models
  • Promotes real-time clash detection and resolution
  • Helps reduce coordination cycle for project teams

 BIM 360 Field

  • Minimizes error-prone manual, paper based processes
  • Enables one-time data entry at the point of construction
  • Faster access for all stakeholders to the most up-to-date field information
  • Helps provide insight across projects for subcontractor performance, quality, and safety programs

Glue and Field

Both Glue and Field has REST APIs that allow users to perform basic Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations and interact with the BIM 360 platform. 

In the next couple of posts, I will be covering the updates to the BIM 360 platform as well as the Glue API updates. In the mean time if you are interested in developing on BIM 360 platform or assessing the capabilities, feel free to sign up for a trial account.