DevDays 2013 and BIM 360


The 360° View – Why this blog?

Autodesk BIM 360 transforms the way construction data is connected, managed and visualized for project teams. The raison d'être for this blog is to help projects and teams maximize the value they gain from BIM 360 platform through data integrations and seamless workflows, starting from planning, design, pre-construction, construction, commissioning/hand over, all the way to facility management – The 360 View for a BIM project life cycle!

The vision for this blog is aligned with the vision of BIM 360 family within Autodesk to "deliver complete, accurate, connected, digital information across the project lifecycle for whoever needs it, whenever they need it, wherever they are." 

Black box

This blogs aims to be a technical resource for customers, partners, and developers interested in leveraging the BIM 360 cloud based services and applications, and complements the information available at our Construction Solutions blog - beyond design, and developer blogs by Autodesk Developer Network - adn devblogs, etc. In addition to a continued focus on innovation and best practices, this blog will look to highlight the data integrations and cloud based workflows based on BIM 360 platform. We will be posting about the possibilities of extending BIM 360 functionalities through success stories, new APIs, code samples, and other interesting snippets. If you are a BIM 360 user, or developer or a decision maker looking to learn more about the possibilites, this might be a good resource.


Data Integrations

The building and infrastructure industry faces the challenge of business processes not linked to BIM. Every construction project is similar to a start up company, there are varied requirements, tools, technologies, and skill sets involved. Interoperability between these various applications and users ensures a connected ecosystem where all users have access to the required information to make informed decisions. 


Data integrations are built on the premise of linking data; a simple example for linking data can be seen in how the above Youtube video about BIM 360 is embedded on this web page. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provides a mechanism for integrating disparate systems in a secure and scalable manner. 

The BIM 360 platform with its suite of functionalities as well as integration capabilities strives to keep this unified and connected view of the project information at its center and build different services to give you and your team access to the most up-to-date project data in the cloud. With the advances in technology - the construction job site of the future could involve 3d printing and contour crafting, etc., it is also important to easily aggregate data and create different views of the data tailored for specific roles and needs that exist today, such as direct access from desktop apps for designers and VDC managers and simplified mobile access for field personnel, as well as future requirements such as augmented reality (google glass?).

Keep watching this space for a 360 View on BIM, cloud-based apps, data integrations and related news and feel free to provide us with feedback!